AEM OpenCloud is an open source infrastructure platform for running Adobe Experience Manager on Amazon Web Services, built and managed by Shine Solutions.

We will be adding more information in the near future, in the mean time, please have a look at the following resources from our past presentations:

Looking for the code? All open source repositories are available on GitHub., and have a look at repositories dependencies diagram and repositories map diagram to get an idea of the repositories relate to one another and how they are used within the architecture.

If you would like to run a proof of concept with AEM OpenCloud, have a look at the getting started guide. Getting started in the future will be much simpler with AEM OpenCloud Manager, which is currently being developed.

If you would like more information regarding AEM OpenCloud, and to find out how it can benefit your organisation, please contact or call +61 414 482 542.

For technical questions or if you would like a demo instance of AEM OpenCloud Manager, please contact , Cliff is also available on AEM-Tech Slack group.

You can also join AEM OpenCloud LinkedIn Group where we will be providing updates on the progress of the project.