Professional Services

Even though AEM OpenCloud is free for you to use, and the whole code base is open with a very permissive and commercial-friendly Apache 2 license, we understand that AEM is absolutely not a small application and running it on your own cloud infrastructure always involves a huge effort and a reasonably large investment of resources.

Shine Solutions, as the company behind AEM OpenCloud project, provides a number of professional services to assist various organisations with their AEM infrastructure projects. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you further.

PROJECT consultinG

Our consultants assisting your project on-site, embedded into your team, and applying your project practices and methodologies.


We can manage your AEM OpenCloud infrastructure on your (or our) AWS account, adhering to your organisation’s security standards and practices, your audit and compliance requirements.


Are you an AEM vendor who would like to use AEM OpenCloud on your client’s projects? We can provide technical support for each of those projects.